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Simbolica, Spanish for 'symbolic', offers fine sculptures and pendants from countries with ancient cultures, like those of the Maya, Aztec, Indian cultures and the Maori. Behind every piece of art from Simbolica lies a piece of history, a story, or a deeper hidden meaning.

The goals of Simbolica:

To spread knowledge in Europe on the cultural treasures of ancient civilisations.
To offer people original gift-ideas with a symbolic meaning and significance.
To work with proud artists, descending from the original ancient civilisations, who are inspired by their unique culture.
To adhere to Faire Trade principles so that the quality of life of the artist and their families improve.
To be an independent company with people who are proud and passionate to be a part of our team.

Aldine Burgman, founder of Simbolica, studied International Relations and Latin America Studies in Utrecht, the Netherlands. At La Complutense University in Madrid she studied archaeology of the Inca, Maya and Aztec cultures. Burgman lived and worked several years in Spain, Mexico, the United States and Australia/New Zealand. After working for several years at a multinational company, she decided to go back to her passion: art, symbolism, and ancient civilizations.

Creations from Simbolica

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