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Sylvia Natterer

From puppets to collection porcelain dolls

Sylvia Natterer was offered her first play doll in 1952. "It was a Schildkröt celluloid doll with moulded hair and painted eyes.

As a mother I admired most the Sasha Morgenthaler dolls for their clearness of design and convincing functionality as a good play doll.

Before designing collectible dolls, I was fascinated by thread puppets and theatre performances with puppets. I was a member of the puppet theatre "Kleines Spiel" in Munich for years. During this time I made many puppets also for sale in wood composition or resin. When I saw the dolls of the swiss artist Elfriede Schwarzenbach,I cut the threads of my puppets and made dolls for children and collectors.

In 1979 I met by chance Hanne Adler- Kruse, the daughter and successor of the famous doll designer Käthe Kruse. We became friends and some years later I designed two dolls for the Käthe Kruse company.

At the same time in Munich I met Elisabeth Pongratz, a talented doll artist. We shared our experiences in dollmaking for many years and held a doll shop together.

1991 Move from Munich to Vils in Tyrol where I settled in an historical schoolhouse with my family and my studio. The studio consists of three rooms of 70 m2 each. One is in use for experimental works in paper and wool, the second is for porcelain works, mould building, firing, painting, sewing and fixing the dolls. The third room is an art gallery for contemporary art and musical performances.

Team : I am designing and sculpting all dolls in clay and build the plaster moulds myself. Maria and Yvonne are working on the porcelain limbs. Griseldis and Christine are sewing the dresses acording to my designs and patterns. All doll heads are unmolded, sanded and painted only by myself."
Sylvia Natterer

Creations from Sylvia Natterer

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