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Steam fun for young and old in the Wilesco-World of Steam Engines

The Company Ets. Wilhelm Schröder GMBH & Co. - Wilesco -, manufacturers of metal products was founded in 1912 by Wilhelm Schröder. At the beginning, the production of Wilesco related to aluminium forks and spoons using to the chilled casting process. Some of these products still form part of the production of Wilesco, a great part of which is exported.

At the beginning of the Twenties began the facture of forks and spoons and aluminium pans for doll's tea parties (toys called today "domestic toys"). We can thank those which made this decision, because, at the time of the world economic crisis of the end of the Twenties, of great quantities of small raviers for doll's tea parties furnished with knives, forks and spoons were exported in the United States. The Wilesco company thus could survive this difficult economic phase.

While the sale of the simple aluminium forks and spoons decreased, the possibilities of manufacture in the cast aluminium in shell as well as in zinc were widened and adapted to the needs for the market.

Zinc or the cast aluminium products are especially used as parts of clutch and connection parts in the car industry and electric industry. Of course, the castings for the Wilesco steam engines, such as wheels or stems, are produced by the Wilesco company.

Relatively late, in 1950, the manufacture of Wilesco miniature steam engines started. The customers existed already: it was that of the doll's tea parties. Wilesco very quickly succeeded in cutting an appreciable share of the market thanks to esthetics of the models and with high quality of the products. In 1966, the mobile steam engine "Old-Smoky" model was introduced.

This model is a very faithful reprodution of the original. In 1987, for the 75th birthday of the creation of Wilesco, a steam firemen car was manufactured. This model, being based on an original MAGIRUS from 1904, was a great success. It is, above all, this kind of toy of very high technicality which, thanks to its successful presentation, has its place on the market of the hobby and of model making. Approximately 50% of the sales turnover of Wilesco are carried out by the sale of the steam engines.

The manufacturing surface reaches approximately 15.000 m2. During last decades, the buildings were enlarged several times. The Wilesco steam engines are exported in the whole world where they have their place in the field of toys and hobbies. Today, Wilesco can be proud to be the largest producer of quality steam engines models

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The Franklin Mint 

Creations from Wilesco

model steam engine Wilesco D100 E - Experimental kit et steam engine 114.00 € vat incl.
model steam engine Wilesco D10/100 100 years steam with Wilesco! 171.57 € vat incl.
model steam engine Wilesco D105 -  steam engine ELECTRIC LIGHT 155.52 € vat incl.
model steam engine Wilesco D10 - steam engine 149.50 € vat incl.
model steam engine Wilesco D12 steam engine 149.50 € vat incl.
model steam engine Wilesco D141 - steam engine 249.83 € vat incl.
model steam engine Wilesco D14 steam engine 125.42 € vat incl.
model steam engine Wilesco D15 steam engine 239.80 € vat incl.
model steam engine Wilesco D161 - steam engine 259.87 € vat incl.
model steam engine Wilesco D165 steam engine 210.70 € vat incl.
D16 steam engine 199.67 € vat incl.
D18 steam engine 218.73 € vat incl.
D202 - electric version of steam engine D20 383.28 € vat incl.
D20 steam engine 249.83 € vat incl.
D21 steam engine 300.00 € vat incl.
D222 - electric version of Steam workshop D22 500.67 € vat incl.
D22 steam engine 370.23 € vat incl.
D242 - electric version of steam engine D24 652.17 € vat incl.
D24 - Steam Turbine 496.66 € vat incl.
D2 + Set of 3 candles 60.00 € vat incl.
D2 steam engine 59.20 € vat incl.
D305 - Mobile Steam Fire Engine 370.23 € vat incl.
D310 - Foden steam Lorry  Mighty Atom  316.05 € vat incl.
D320 - Steam Lorry 396.00 € vat incl.
D365 - Steam engine 207.69 € vat incl.
D366 - Steam Roller black/brass 239.80 € vat incl.
D368 - Steamroller black - Nickel 249.83 € vat incl.
D375 - Steam engine KIT (similar to D365 assembled) 207.69 € vat incl.
D376 - Steam engine KIT(similar to D366 assembled) 239.80 € vat incl.
D396 - Steam roller, black/brass 316.05 € vat incl.
D398 - Steam roller, black/nickel 316.05 € vat incl.
D3 - Vertical static Steam Engine 69.23 € vat incl.
D405 - Steam engine 218.73 € vat incl.
D406 - Steam Traction Engine black/brass 245.82 € vat incl.
D409 - Steam engine 351.17 € vat incl.
D415 - Mobile steam engine KIT(similar to D405 assembled) 216.72 € vat incl.
D416 - Steam Traction Engine black-brass (similar to D406 assembled) 239.80 € vat incl.
D419 - Showman´s Engine 351.17 € vat incl.
D430 - Steam Locomobile 300.00 € vat incl.
D455 - Vertical steam engine 175.59 € vat incl.
D48 - 2 Cylinder Marine Steam Engine 421.41 € vat incl.
D495 - Mobile steam 250.84 € vat incl.
D496 - Mobile steam 316.05 € vat incl.
D499 - Mobile steam 362.21 € vat incl.
D52 - Marine Steam Engine 141.47 € vat incl.
D5 - Steam Engine model kit 83.28 € vat incl.
D6 - steam engine 99.33 € vat incl.
D9 - Steam Engine model kit 135.45 € vat incl.
E50 -Experimentation kit without steam engine 49.16 € vat incl.
H50 Stirling engine
rubber tyres 12.04 € vat incl.
rubber tyres 8.53 € vat incl.
rubber tyres 13.04 € vat incl.
rubber tyres 15.25 € vat incl.
rubber tyres 15.25 € vat incl.
Stirling engine 340.13 € vat incl.
Wilesco catalogue 6.12 € vat incl.
Witabs - Dry fuel - 18 boxes 45.50 € vat incl.
Witabs - Dry fuel - 1 box 2.79 € vat incl.

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