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Inventions Steam machine replicas, sextants, measurement instruments, science toys
Penmanship and writingmodel steam engine
stirling engineastrolabe, compass, sextant

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Lutz Hielscher Stirling 5
Stirling 5
352.80 € vat incl.
: Inventions
Category : stirling engine

Product of the Day

Stirling Engine Bohm HB11-AS2

Bohm Stirling Technik Stirling Engine Bohm HB11-AS2
209.00 € vat incl.

Under the Spotlights

Steam trailer TE1 AC 1313C Centurion

Mamod Steam trailer TE1 AC 1313C Centurion
257.61 € vat incl.

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Alarm clock THREESOME

Dubout Alarm clock THREESOME
18.00 € vat incl.

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