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With the greatest respect for the original works of art the designers of the Parastone studios in The Netherlands have brought to live famous paintings by lifting images out of the flat surface.
Parastone / Mouseion Bearded monster, Jerome Bosch Parastone

Bearded monster, Jerome Bosch by Parastone
Category : Parastone

On the central panel of the Judgement Day, there is a bearded "rillo", a monster only consisting of a head and legs. Bosch has added to this creature a reptile tail. He watches anxiously the fresh meat grinder where the sinners are grinded on the Judgement Day.

JEROME BOSCH (1516-…)From an artistic point of view, Hieronymus, known as Jerome, was considered as a genius precursor of surrealim and was an unique and radically innovator in his time. Bosch was born during the transition between the Middle-Age and the Renaissance in the city of Bois-le-Duc, in the duchy of Brabant. Bosch puts fantastic patterns in a hostile and mystic world. He is convinced that men fell under the influence of evil because of their own stupidity and their sins. He puts a miror in front of the world with an intellectual irony and a magic simbolics and he does not save anyone. He aims with his sharp arrows both the hypocrisy of the clergy as well as the total lack of reserve of nobles and the immorality of the people.

The style of Bosch comes from the tradition of manual illustration of book during Middle-Ages. The caricatural representation of evil has some exorcist aspects but is also a warning accuser based on theological priciples.

Product specifications Bearded monster, Jerome Bosch

designer :Parastone
reference :JB17
type :Jerome Bosch
sub-type :Judgement day
material :Resin
dimensions :10 cm

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