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Asklepios - Parastone / Mouseion



With the greatest respect for the original works of art the designers of the Parastone studios in The Netherlands have brought to live famous paintings by lifting images out of the flat surface.
Parastone / Mouseion Asklepios Parastone

Asklepios by Parastone
Category : Parastone

Epidaurus, Greece, 4-2nd C.BC

Asklepios was the son of Apollo and the mortal unfaithful lover Coronis. He was called Aesculapius in the Roman Mythology. He was the half-god of medicine and he had five daughters. Amnog them there were Panacea (the universal healing), Hygia (the health), Iaso (the healer) and Aceso (the medication).

Product specifications Asklepios

designer :Parastone
reference :GRE07
material :Resin
dimensions :22 cm

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