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Boeing B314 Dixie Cliper - aircraft display model

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aircraft display model Boeing B314 Dixie Cliper Authentic Models -AM-

Boeing B314 Dixie Cliper by Authentic Models -AM-
Category : aircraft display models

It's 1939. PanAm receives the first Boeing 314, the ultimate in luxury aircraft. Complete with sleeping berths and a real dining salon. It was the biggest plane of its time, carrying 74 passengers. The big flying boats were replaced after the war by land-based planes. With their demise an era of elegance passed that was never seen again. 152 ft wingspan. Five days, sixty hours in the air SFO-HK. When flying was still fun Metallic fabric covered lightweight wing and fuselage frames. Transparent portholes. Detailed engines. Nostalgic PanAm colors. Incredible detail.

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Product specifications Boeing B314 Dixie Cliper

designer :Authentic Models -AM-
reference :ap451
type :seaplane
sub-type :4-engine
material :Wood and silk
colour :Silver
period :30s
dimensions :57 cm x 80 cm x 36 cm
finishing :Excellent
scale :1:55
year :1935
brand / author :Boeing

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