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Simbolica, Spanish for 'symbolic', offers fine sculptures and pendants from countries with ancient cultures, like those of the Maya, Aztec, Indian cultures and the Maori. Behind every piece of art from Simbolica lies a piece of history, a story, or a deeper hidden meaning.

The goals of Simbolica:

To spread knowledge in Europe on the cultural treasures of ancient civilisations...
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designer Simbolica Simbolica
Simbolica Disco de Chinkultic Simbolica

Disco de Chinkultic by Simbolica
Category : Simbolica

The original of this resin replica of the memorial plaque (diameter 56 cm) was found at the playing field of the famous ritual ball game. It depicts a player hitting the ball with his hip and the date 591 AD. The game had deep religious significance and was sometimes followed by the sacrifice of one or more players, probably the losers, although no one is sure. This piece stands for sports men and women who dedicate their lives to the game.
La Esperanza, Chinkultic, Mexico. Classic Maya 400-800 AD

As a museum replica authorized by the INAH, Mexico

Product specifications Disco de Chinkultic

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details Simbolica Disco de Chinkultic Simbolica
designer :Simbolica
reference :H1
sub-type :glyph
material :Resin
colour :Sandstone
period :Pre-Columbian (Americas) , Maya period (250 - 900 AD)
dimensions :27 cm x 5 cm x 28 cm
finishing :Excellent
designer :Elisa Camarena

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