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Trifaccia Craquele - Venetian mask

Naso Turco 

Blue Moon Mask

Traditional Venetian masks in papier mache

Blue Moon is a famous centre of production of the traditional Venetian paper mache masks, located in the historical centre of Venice. They try to keep the ancient craft of the old "maschereri" (the Venetian mask makers) alive, that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Blue Moon creates and makes masks from the idea to the realization in all the different working process...
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designer Venetian mask Blue Moon Mask
Venetian mask Trifaccia Craquele Blue Moon Mask

Trifaccia Craquele by Blue Moon Mask
Category : Venetian masks

Product specifications Trifaccia Craquele

designer :Blue Moon Mask
reference :#348
type :Commedia dell'arte
sub-type :Trifaccia
material :Papier maché
finishing :Excellent

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