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Bauta Macrame silver - Venetian mask

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 World Art > Venetian mask > Bauta Macrame silver

Venetian mask Bauta Macrame silver Carta Alta

Bauta Macrame silver by Carta Alta
Category : Venetian masks

The model of the mask is drawn and carved in plaster. It is left to dry out and is covered with chalk to constitute the negative of the mask. Maché paper is created from newspapers impregnated with water and arabic gum. The maché paper bands are attached in the chalk mould. When maché paper is dry, the mask is ready to be withdrawn from the mould. It is then painted in white and is left to dry once again. It forms a neutral mask, on which the gold sheets are possibly added. After the stage of painting and completion, the Venetian mask is finished with wax.

Product specifications Bauta Macrame silver

designer :Carta Alta
reference :#172S
type :Macrame
sub-type :bauta
material :Papier maché
colour :Silver
dimensions :23 cm x 17 cm x 10 cm
finishing :Excellent
form :bauta

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