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Welcome on Quirao.com, source of passion products and unique gift ideas

Quirao presents and distributes "passion" objects, unique or unusual gift ideas, hand made most of the time, in limited edition. The field covered by our range of products is somewhere between games, collectible toys, fascinating machines, objects for decoration and display, and plain art pieces.

Our selection criteria are linked to the quality of the products, their beauty, the part of dream they carry. We have chosen to propose a large range of products, which will grow even more in the coming months. This implies that we canot carry all these products on stock, and that very often it may take 2 to 4 weeks to receive an order after having placed it (for your information, each product page contains information about the foreseeable delivery time).

As a counterpart, these are most often really unique products, hand made by craftmen, and signed or numbered.
Furthermore, for numerous objects displayed here, they are manufactured by the unit, for your specific order. This means a longer time to get the product to your home, by witnesses their exceptionnal character.
Designed and realized by fine craftmen in France, Vietnam, Netherlands, Germany, USA or elsewhere, these rare products, made of noble materials (wood, leather...) will remain unique pieces..

Quirao wishes to put designers ahead for all products presented, and you will find on a large number of product pages a brief history or presentation of their designer, as well as a link to a list of all their creations proposed on Quirao.com.
In the next few months, we will increase the number of designers presented on the site, as we find them in specialized fairs or according to your suggestions.
Product pages will also see the desciption of products developed further.

We wish to draw your attention to the link "Suggestion of gift ideas" in the menu on the left, which allows a visual search of products taken at random in the complete database of the site (more than 6800 products), or only in one our our "universes", or in one single category.

Enjoy your visit of quirao.com, and thank you for all your suggestions or comments, that will help us improve this site.

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